Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Five Most Common Egg Wash Ingredient Combos

Making the egg wash is not a difficult job unless you know the ingredients you want to mix with the egg yolk. Here we will know about the five most common egg wash ingredient combos.

Let’s have a look at different combos that you might want to use them together:

Water and whole egg:

While you use the whole egg, you receive the protein from both the parts and fat from egg yolk. The combination of water and the entire egg will lead to creating, the brown coloured food. This technique is best for frying meat recipes.

Cream and Whole egg

With the cream, you can receive maximum protein and fat combo, which means that you can have the gloss and browning at the maximum. This combination is perfect for preparing a shining pastry.

Egg White and Milk:

The egg white and milk are dependable on each other; the matte option allows the slight browning of the food without any gloss. The idea is best for preparing pizza crusts and dinner rolls.

Water and Egg yolk:

Using water and egg yolk gives a deep yellow color to the mixture with golden undertones. The combination is used for adding vibrant effect for biscuits.

Milk and Egg Yolk:

The mixture of protein present in egg and milk can give a high gloss finish to the food while the fat in yolk adds up to light brown color. The option is widely used in pie crusts.

Egg Wash Substitutes:

As egg wash is comprised of egg, which is an animal product and it demonstrates that vegan will opt out of the recipes and use an alternative for miracle glue effect and golden color.

Following are the egg wash substitutes to be considered for vegan baking:

  • For sweets, try the combination of non-dairy milk like coconut or almond with agave nectar. The protein in milk will allow the food to look shiny and the agave nectar can add brown color.
  • Coconut oil can also be considered as the best savory goods, and on adding to food, it can help the user with brown color.
  • Natural sugars, drinks like maple syrup and agave can produce browning effect while making the recipe sweeter too.
  • The Sunset glaze used as a alternative for egg wash is one of the best in creating the similar crust as the eggs. They are available through web platforms and can be delivered globally. The best part of this substitute is that it is comprised of plant based ingredients so that if you a vegan than the Sunset glaze can be the best egg wash alternative to go for.