Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

How does the Food Processing Kettles help in Reducing Waste?

The population levels are increasing in manifold globally. And because of that, keeping each person fed is a daunting task. It is precluded that the food production has to be increased by 60 percent in the imminent years to keep up with the demand. But apart from the growing population, we have to look after reducing the food wastage too. It is estimated that a major chunk of food wastage comes from the production issues, which can be prevented. But, food production kettles are in demand to fight against food waste, in actual function as well as the adherence to food safety guidelines in the production process. Here is how you can make a difference.


  • Preventing food wastage with hemispherical kettles


The actual shape of a food processing kettle is essential for the food wastes it gives away. Apart from the horizontal blender, the hemispherical kettle is meant for reducing the amount of food being wasted or lost in the process of production. As the horizontal blender design entails mixing the gaps in the unswept parts of the walls of the vessel, it is quite likely that the ingredients used in the food processing may not be discharged wholly, which leads to waste as leftover ingredients that stay stuck in the vessel after a batch. And after the heating limits of a horizontal blender, it is also quite likely that you will lose ingredients because of burn on or extra inconsistent heating. But, a hemispherical kettle tends to heat more evenly and has a consistent scraper system in order to discharge the ingredients efficiently and rapidly that limits the possibility of ingredients kept in the vessel after cooking and limiting the amount of waste in each and every batch.


  • Limiting the recalls with FSMA compliance


The 2011 FSMA Act was one of the most stringent reforms ever. It covers nearly every dimension of food manufacturing business and shields the customers by optimizing the food sanitation standards. This Act is applicable to every company in the food processing industry. And ever since it has been introduced, Lumar has left no stone unturned to help its customers achieve and maintain compliance with the FSMA. When they develop many key food advancements for the processing kettles, Lumar made it possible for customers to quickly pay strict adherence to the new guidelines.

Lumar will continue to complying to equipping its customers with the latest information. And every food processing company is committed to doing the same when it comes to complying with the new safety standards to protect its consumers and reduce the waste in the nature. By offering our customers tools to empower food efficiently and safely, know that all these tools successfully go through the equipment and FSMA compliance and reduce food wastage around the world.