Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

How To Get The Perfect Restaurant Like Grilled Steak At Home

Steak is one such delicacy that people across the globe have always appreciated but for most of us bringing out that perfection in taste and flavors just like the steakhouses seems like a distant possibility. That’s why most people prefer to have steaks at the authentic steakhouses where they know that the steaks will be perfectly grilled, charred, and juicy with all succulent flavors intact. However, this shouldn’t discourage you from at least trying to make steaks at home, provided that you know the right techniques.

So how to get the perfect restaurant like steak at home?

Some simple things if kept in mind during steak grilling can help you get a better tasting steak even at home.

Don’t be scared to season your steak overly as most of the seasoning will go into the grill and so without sufficient seasoning, your steak will never attain the flavor that you wish to have.

  • Salt your steaks sometime before searing them: Grilling the steak isn’t the only thing that does the magic for you as marinating it with sufficient salt is equally important. Moreover, you need to get the steak salted apparently 45 minutes before searing starts. This allows the salt to sit for sometime and restore the juices at the same time. This is also responsible for the perfectly charred steaks with exotic flavors and crunchy crust. Salting effectively allows the moisture to be retained in the interior of the steak.

    Get your grill or pan preheated: Depending on the thickness of your steak, get the pan or grill preheated for its speedy cooking. If your steak piece is thicker then the heat required will be less than that for a thinner piece. This is simply because; you don’t want the exterior of the steak to burn before the interior is cooked properly.

  • Let your steak side be on the pan until it is done: If one side of the cooking or grilling isn’t done, then the steak will be sticky and won’t leave the pan. Once the particular side is cooked, you can easily turn to the other side.

  • Both sides of the steak should be seared before cooking: This is an essential step that ensures that your steak cooks faster.

However, having your favorite steak delicacies from the Rib n Reef steakhouse restaurant is always a pleasure as they give you the perfect taste of flavors and grilling.